Shipping Policy

Processing the orders


The processing of the orders takes place on workdays from 9 am to 5 pm.

One can order products out of this timerange, but then the processing of one’s order will take place on the next workday.

Our firm doesn’t take responsibility for possible technical circumstances, that were not foretold, in connection with the delivery firm or circumstances beyond the control of our firm.

We reserve the right to partly or completely reject already confirmed orders. Partly completed orders must be agreed on with the orderer. In case of full withdrawal of the seller the price of the product will be transferred back if it was transferred in advance.


Payment methods of delivery


Built in PayPal payment system on webshop: The orderer transfers the money via a third party, PayPal.


The total amount contains the VAT and the delivery fee.

The total amount contains every cost according to the summary and the confirmation letter. The e-invoice will be sent on email in a printable format. Please check your package thoroughly on delivery, in front of the delivery guy, and ask for making a record if any damage shows on the package. In this case don’t accept the package. Post, unrecorded complaaints are not accepted by our firm.

The tarrif of delivery


The delivery is 890Ft by Hungarian Post, 1500Ft by GSL  and afterpayment.


Delivery deadline


1-3 days if the ordered products are in stock. 1-3 weeks if the products are out of stock and preorder is necessary.


Delivery Information


The orders from will be completed by Magyar Posta. The service is available every workday. If you are not home during this time interval, you may give the adress of your workplace instead of the adress of your home.

In case of ordering abroad, please contact us via one of the given options and we will send you an offer.

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